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A collective of determined individuals united in the pursuit of eradicating modern-day slavery and human trafficking, formed MPAHT in 2017. This alliance of conference/event planners, hotel sales experts, and audiovisual professionals initially aimed to raise awareness about human trafficking. Since then, the organization has evolved into a powerful resource center, empowering those who wish to educate themselves, contribute to the cause, or participate in our mission.

We believe together we are making a difference in eradicating modern-day slavery and human trafficking. There are 50 million people in modern slavery (2021 statistic from The Global Slavery Index), if not now, when should we be doing this? Look at the statistics in our resource section.

  1. Focus on the larger issue of human trafficking and slavery while continuing to sustain our efforts against sex trafficking.
  2. Maintain and expand MPAHT’s role as the leading organization providing education and resources to other members of the hospitality and travel industries
    • Continue to educate and network with other organizations
    • Advocate within the industry for organizations to address trafficking issues and to support their efforts
  3. Create an online library of resources
  4. Continue to share world resources through our digital media

A shift in our purpose and mission comes after almost 6 years of raising awareness about human trafficking in the hospitality industry. With the hospitality, tourism, and conference industries more aware and active in the fight against sex trafficking and the broader issue of human trafficking, MPAHT is redirecting its energies.

Behind the


Advisory Council

Board of Directors

Sandy Biback


Gale Gingrich

Retired Conference Planner

Lizzy Low

Manager, Ottawa Tourism

Janet Victor

Owner, Eventives

Robert Thompson

AV-Canada, Managing Partner

Mahima Tripathi

Owner, Saleint Marketing Agency

Recognizing the


Join us to

Be the


At MPAHT, we are looking for volunteers to help bring awareness about Human Trafficking, we believe that every individual has the power to make a difference. By joining our passionate team of volunteers, you can actively contribute to the fight against human trafficking and help bring hope and freedom to those affected. As a volunteer, you will play a vital role in raising awareness, providing support, and empowering survivors on their journey to a brighter future.

** OPEN POSITIONS **  We seek individuals to help us create awareness in their local communities or groups by resharing content.

Want to volunteer with us?

We are looking for volunteers to help bring awareness about Human Trafficking.



Your support empowers our mission to eradicate human trafficking within the event industry and beyond. MPAHT strives to be a driving force for change by offering enlightening presentations, fostering collaboration between planners and suppliers, and extending outreach to impacted communities.

Together, let’s triumph over human trafficking!

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Where in the World is Help

For more information contact

Sandy.biback@outlook.com | Sandy@mpaht.com

Some helpline numbers

US: 1-888-373-7888. | Canada: 1-833-900-1010 | Mexico: 01800 -5533-000

Visit www.globalmodernslavery.org
for contacts in all countries

More info. on human slavery, especial factories, etc.
visit www.themekongclub.org

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